Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


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Why is the application is called Candice?


The name Candice stands for Candle Indices. Candice is not a dictionary but an index to

organize Japanese candlestick pattern entries.


Privacy Policy


The Candice application (e.g., Candice App) does not collect, store, or share any personal or use information data from users. No personal data shared with us will be given to any third party, under any circumstances. If such data is submitted by user, the  data will never be used by us for any purpose without specific permission. The Candice App engages in no ad targeting, data mining, or other activities that may compromise your privacy, and we do not affiliate ourselves with any third parties that do so.


Questions or concerns? Reading this privacy notice will help you understand your privacy rights and choices. If you do not agree with the policies and practices, please do not use the Candice App. If you still have any questions or concerns, please contact


What is purpose of Candice?


Candice provides a quick reference tool for identifying and providing insight into using Japanese Candlestick Patterns for technical as well as your own personal trade notes on patterns and use with Western Technical indicators. It can also be used as a study tool to practice recognizing Japanese Candlestick Patterns.


Where did the candle pattern data come from and how good is it?


The initial database consists of candle data from three different main candle leaders (Nisson, Morris, and Bigalow) which have been carefully analyzed for each candle pattern. When there is a conflict of candle pattern interpretation or statistical frequency between candle leaders Nisson (father of Japanese Candles) prevails. All the information of the patterns can be changed which should be based on your experience and growing knowledge. Some values should not be changed (i.e., Occurrence, meaning frequency), use the provided help when using Candice to understand which should not be changed.


Does Candice provide any other functionality besides candle patterns?


Candice provides a database for personal notes and/or definitions that are stored in a database indexed by subject for quick access. Initially one game is provided to help identify and memorize candle patterns.


Where can I get the same blue blank grid to draw my own patterns? And do I have to use this image grid?


Click in your Browser on the grid image above at the FAQ title to copy the image. You do not have to use the image grid to edit and provide your own pattern images. Any image stored in your Camera Roll or Photo Library can be used for new or existing patterns.


Where do I get an image to redefine an existing pattern or create a new pattern?


Images are taken from your device Camera Roll or Photo Library when editing or defining a new pattern. The image does not have to be the size of the 96 x 96 pixel grid. It can be much bigger and will be automatically resized. Further touch the image and it will expand to see full size.


If I delete an image from my Camera Roll or Photo Library, will it affect the Image used by Candice for a pattern?


No, images are copied to the Candice Documents directory (User’s content Directory).


Will my data be erased if I upgrade to a new version of Candice?


As this is a complete rewrite, previous Candice installation less than version 4.0.0  will be wiped out, but even those don’t work anymore on today’s devices. For future versions, user data is preserved including reinstall of the Candice App. Only when the Candice App is removed from your device is it erased.


What is the rating field used for?


The rating field is any number to rate your pattern among all patterns. It can be used to refer to a page number in a book or any reference.


Why the pattern rating does not match frequency of pattern occurrence? Or do they mean something else?


The default rating value for each pattern is just a count of the images loaded; it refers to a master book containing image plates. It is assumed the user will change these to their desired value.


How many characters including white space can Recognition notes or Mynote be?


1024 characters


How to completely restore database to initial installation?


The database can be restored from an internal library. All data will be destroyed and replaced. Touch the List tab and then the + button on the upper left hand to add a new candle pattern. Create a candle pattern with the name Restore (notice capitalized). The database will be completely rebuilt when restarting the application.


Why are not all the games available with this version?


Games will be added as new upgrades are available.